Reflect-A-GOLD 24x24 Sheet
Reflect-A-GOLD 24x24 Sheet
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Reflect-A-GOLD 24x24 Sheet

DEI's Reflect-A-GOLD heat barriers are a state of the art polymer laminated glass cloth that is extremely light weight and capable of handling continual operating temperatures of 850 degrees F. Reflect-A-GOLD offers considerable weight savings over similar types of materials yet still reflects 80 percent of radiant heat. Requiring minimal clearance DEI Reflect-A-GOLD is a highly conformable material that has a pressure sensitive adhesive backing that is easy to apply and remove. Popular uses include engine covers, seat bottoms, bulk heads, and fuel cells, the possibilities are endless.


Length (in)   24.000 in.
Width (in)   24.000 in.
Maximum Ambient Temperature (F)   850 degrees F
Installation   Self-adhesive
Quantity   Sold individually.
Notes   Reflect-A-GOLD is rated at 850 degrees F continuous, but can handle intermittent spikes of 2,000 degrees F.


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